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A journey full of cases and history : Motivate yourself

"Why law?" this is common question that a lecturer would ask to his students . The answer to this question somehow portrays your journey throughout your 4 years undergraduate program . " It it is not because i want to , but i had to " or " my parents asked me to do it , so i do it " . If u fall under this category , trust me , u need to change .

For me , law is not just about reading and memorizing . You must have the passion in studying law . But to acquire passion inside you for whatever subject/course that you are studying , you have to ask yourself first . Why do I study ? is it just for the exam ? or u had to study because this is the only way to get out from paying loans ? or u can have scholarships ? These intentions affect everything throughout your journey . Every time you feel bored of studying , always reflect yourself . There must be something wrong somewhere. As for me , I study because I just love to teach people even though i'm not an expert . You know that feeling when you gave the right answers to people's question and they showed the signs of relief in their faces . Out of 100000 ways to make people happy , I guest this is just my way to make them smile .

From this intention of mine , i had that passion . Whenever people approach me and ask me questions regarding to law , i find it is very helpful if I didn't know how to answer them . Weird isn't it ? Why did i find it is very helpful ? It is because it motivates me to find answers . When that motivation came , it moves my mind to think , it moves me to take a boat to the legal seas ( library ) and dive in it to find that one answer to just one question . One of my tips to often visiting the " legal sea " is to not borrow any of the books there . When you enjoy reading a particular book and you left them behind in the library , you will have that feel of urgency to go to the library as soon as possible to read them ! This is my way of doing so , but every people have their own method in achieving their goals.

How to not get bored in reading legal books ? ask people for recommendation . For example , law of tort textbook . There is a different approach of explanation by Norchya Talib and Prof Syed Ahmad Alsagoff. Try to read these two books on a chapter and you will notice the difference . The reality relating to this question is you may easily get bored when you don't understand what the book says . But , if you understand the flow of facts or the argument by the author , you will be like somehow interested to know the conclusion of it .Therefore , find a book that is suitable to your understanding.If not , then , ask someone who understand it to interpret it for you.When it comes to legal history books , I admit it is hard to love history . I started to love history when i was in secondary school . I'm not an A student in history but one fine day , i somehow force myself to read it and in the examination i manage to get high marks. In that time i feel that history is actually easy and interesting if you know how to make it interesting .

There are many method in making memorizing fun . you should figure it out. Now , after refreshing ur intention and not to get bored reading legal books , you must know the answer skill needed in any question posed in the examination/tutorials . The primary source to acquire this skill is by consulting your lecturer because he/she is the one who marks your paper ( rasa macam bajet senior je bagi bagi tips ni haha takdelah saja share ) . Do your own set of answers and submit it to your lecturer and ask him to check on what should be added and what should not be included in the answers and how it should be. There is no uniformity in how the lecturer wants their students to answer the question given .

Next , your study schedule . Ya , i know . Making schedules are so lame . but .. it is helpful ! it makes you feel obligated to follow it ,  but if you didn't perform the obligation according to the prescribed plan , then , the punishment would be ,  failure in examination :)  simple . unless you are gifted lah . study without schedule pun boleh dapat 4.0 . But in the making of the study schedule , do remember that you are not a robot . Know yourself first , from the aspect of suitability of time to study an etc .

So i can summarize that in order to motivate yourself , you need to have or improve these elements , intention , passion , reading , memorizing , answering skill and study schedule . Other people might have their own opinion in motivating themselves . Well , this midsem test will give you an issue for you to answer . Whether ur strategies before midsem is effective enough to be applied for the whole semester ? if the answer is no , there is time for improvement . Sorry kalau ada error dalam english . Assalamualaikum.

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